The CVAD Foundations Program created this survey to assess how beneficial each student viewed the writing fellows' feedback and insights. Each fellow was assigned 20-22 students and met with the students virtually once while also providing feedback on their writing assignment. The students were asked the following questions:
1. Which of the following Writing Fellows did you meet with?
2. Overall, how satisfied were you with the written comments from the Writing Fellow?
3. Overall, how satisfied were you with the conference with the Writing Fellow?
4. What did you learn from working with your Writing Fellow?
5. How will you use what you have learned in revising your writing? What will you do differently in the future?

Initial Findings
The initial survey report shows that almost half of the students did not complete the survey, which created a divide in the quality of data for each writing fellow. The initial report details the number of responses for each writing fellow, and the overall satisfaction in their feedback and meetings. Lastly, excerpts were pulled from students who selected "Extremely dissatisfied, Somewhat dissatisfied or neither satisfied or dissatisfied" for their overall satisfaction with commented feedback and conferences with their respective writing fellow. 

From our initial findings, we can gauge that Writing Fellow 1 had significantly more students respond to the survey and received the most dissatisfaction. We concluded the following might cause the higher response number:
1. The instructor for the students in Writing Fellow 1's group pushed the survey response more
2. Writing Fellow 1 had promoted the survey to the students during their time together
3. or the satisfaction level in Writing Fellow 1s performance promoted the higher spike in responses.

Issues and Discrepancies
We became aware during the process that Writing Fellow 12's group had a series of miscommunications, causing the entire group to miss their opportunities to meet with the writing fellow. Because the response rate is often driven by how enthusiastic and unrelenting the instructor is with the students, results vary between each fellow.

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Writing Fellow Initial Report
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